Sustainability is important to us.

We aim to minimize the environmental impact of our products and operations by developing and distributing coatings combinations and solutions, that extend the life cycle of the coated article, allow for longer maintenance painting intervals and by selecting options which burden the environment the least. Our R&D process, begins with considerations about environmental principles.

We strive to meet or exceed all environmental regulations and wherever we can and selectively offer waterborne alternative solutions, that contribute less to air pollution. We also distribute our products in a way which is likely to minimize our carbon emissions as far as possible. We try to keep waste emissions at a minimum and dispose of any waste generated, in compliance with all regulatory and best industry practices. Recycling principles guide us in our actions and are used wherever appropriate. The greatest proportion of our products are sourced from ISO14001 certificated manufacturers.


Picture is an environmental art installation of a Finnish eminent statesman J.V. Snellman, designed by artist Pekka Jylhä is situated in Kokkola, Finland.